Spencer Center Local School Decision Making Committee

The Spencer Center Local School Decision Making Committee (LSDMC) serves as the governing board of the school. The LSDMC membership consists of parents/guardians, teaching and non-teaching staff (including the principal), community members, and students.

LSDMC Functions

The purpose of this committee, as the primary local school decision making committee, in embracing the mission of this school, shall be to:

  1. Assess the needs of the school.
  2. Recommend a school improvement plan.
  3. Conduct a periodic review of the school improvement plan.
  4. Annually review the school improvement plan in a written report to the Board of Education and school community.
  5. Adopt a school budget (non‐salary) to support the goals and objectives of the school program.
  6. Address policy issues.
  7. Recommend plans and procedures for the school program as needs indicate.
  8. Act on requests from various groups and committees in the school community.
  9. Report to constituent groups on a routine basis.
  10. The LSDMC shall participate in the principal selection process when a vacancy occurs as provided by Board Policy 9142. The LSDMC may recess into executive session solely to consider the appointment of a principal, and generally may not recess into executive session for any other purpose.
  11. Other than the principal selection process, personnel matters shall not be considered by this LSDMC. All meetings regarding principal selection shall be in executive session.

The LSDMC bylaws are available here

Spencer Center Vision

Spencer Center is a school founded upon six pillars:

  • Equity
  • Innovation
  • Wonder
  • Love
  • Creativity
  • Personalization

Spencer Center provides students innovative learning programs aimed at developing capacity to actualize their vision for their future. Students will graduate Spencer with the capability and confidence to pursue their passions, with the skills and empathy to lead and collaborate, and with a love for and drive to do great things. Our dedicated staff meet students where they are and personalize their learning environment to challenge and promote individual growth.


Spencer Center LSDMC meetings are held the second Monday of each month throughout the school year at 6 p.m. at the school.

Meeting Minutes

Coming soon!

Strategic Plan

The Spencer Center LSDMC unanimously approved a strategic plan for the school on June 18, 2018 which will guide the development of the school. Read the strategic plan.