Spencer Center LSDMC Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Core Values

The Spencer Center is founded upon six pillars:

  1. Equity
  2. Innovation
  3. Wonder 
  4. Love
  5. Creativity
  6. Personalization


Spencer Center provides students innovative learning programs aimed at developing capacity to actualize their vision for their future. Students will graduate Spencer with the capability and confidence to pursue their passions, with the skills and empathy to lead and collaborate, and with a love for and drive to do great things. Our dedicated staff meet students where they are and personalize their learning environment to challenge and promote individual growth.


The goals of this strategic plan is to set the Spencer Center on a course to meet its vision in alignment with its core values during these formative years for the school. In particular, this strategic plan will serve the following goals:

  1. To establish the Spencer Center as "Cincinnati's School for the Gifted & Exceptional" by focusing the school on providing personalized education to students who love to learn
  2. To develop the Spencer Center as a school built for and by the students with the interest of the students at the forefront of all decisions
  3. To build a school experience in which every year at Spencer is meaningful and memorable for students
  4. To build a school community that is committed to innovation in teaching practices, student experience, staff training, family engagement and community partnerships 
  5. To foster life and social skills necessary to provide students with the tools to actualize their potential. 

Areas of Focus

Core Academics (Math, English/Language Arts, Science, Social Studies)


Personalize education by challenging each student in each subject based on their academic readiness rather than grade level or age and move curriculum at the pace of the student.


  1. Normalize acceleration for suitable candidates as a means of personalizing student learning experiences by subject-area
  2. Focus on design-based learning through projects and inquiry
  3. Implement differentiation strategies through content, assessment, environment, product, and process.
  4. Focus on the development of research-based innovative practices to produce a unique and innovative school experience
  5. Deemphasize homework in favor of competency-based education while ensuring student progress is well communicated to students and parents

Co-Curricular (Electives, Before/After School Activities)


Provide opportunities for students to explore and pursue their passions while broadening their exposure to the world.  


  1. Offer a diverse set of substantive co-curricular opportunities based on student interest and need
  2. Incorporate individual projects and co-curricular content into core curriculum hours 
  3. Create opportunities for visiting partners to bring activities to Spencer Center
  4. Ensure opportunities are evaluated and delivered with a lens of cultural competency, equity, and inclusion 

Culture & Community


Be an environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves and their love of learning and where families, teachers, and community are meaningfully engaged.


  1. Establish a school culture that emphasizes a love of learning, individual responsibility, and respect for others in alignment with PACK (Problem solvers, All in, Caring, Knowledge seekers).
  2. Support the social and emotional health of all students by providing social and emotional programming designed specifically for the identified needs of Spencer Center students
  3. Become a learning organization with a coherent communications strategy that engages and solicits regular feedback from all stakeholders: students, families, staff, teachers, and community
  4. Develop a whole-school community by creating opportunities for student leadership, mentorship, and peer partnerships
  5. Create student-centered traditions or centerpiece experiences that celebrate students, their accomplishments, and their work

Marketing & Communications


Build a coherent and comprehensive communication plan with the goal that every eligible CPS student considers Spencer for their education.


  1. Utilize multiple methods of communication to share vision, events, and updates with current and prospective families and community members
  2. Increase exposure through media presence to major school events
  3. Develop a consistent communication strategy for school-family correspondence
  4. Utilize student-produced and directed content to share the story of Spencer Center
  5. Ensure that external marketing, communications and recruitment efforts reach every CPS neighborhood
  6. Establish and maintain a consistent brand (logo, mascot, font, colors, etc.) for communications and advertising



Create an innovative and evolving learning space that is welcoming to all and communicates our values.


  1. Create a facilities plan to meet the current and future needs of the Spencer Center
  2. Integrate student projects into the building
  3. Differentiate learning spaces from traditional classrooms and create collaborative spaces for students within and outside the classroom
  4. Establish and maintain high expectations for the aesthetics of the physical space, both interior and exterior
  5. Articulate Spencer Center branding and values throughout the physical space