CPS to Partner with Non-Profit Sports for Good to Expand Elementary Girls Volleyball League

August 30, 2021

Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) has partnered with Sports for Good to continue an Elementary School Girls Volleyball league for the 2021–22 school year that was put on hold as a result of the pandemic. The league will include practices and games in the spring and as a result of the donation of Sports for Good, 12 CPS elementary school teams will receive portable volleyball nets, one for each school for practice and to host matches. The vision is to have a model that is sustainable for years to come as we expand/grow volleyball opportunities to elementary schools throughout the district.

Sports for Good is a non-profit founded by Aditi Purushothaman, a Cincinnati-based high schooler, with a mission to build youth confidence and careers through sports. Aditi has been playing squash competitively since she was in fifth grade and has gained a broader understanding of the benefits of girls' participation in sports. She states, "Achieving gender equality starts with our youth. While physical barriers are harder to tackle, creating a world where girls are proud to play sports instead of feeling pressure to quit is attainable." She blogs at women-inspired.org to increase awareness on issues related to equality for girls and women, with a focus on access to sports. She is also associated with Girl Up, a movement affiliated with the United Nations to advance girls' rights and opportunities. Sports for Good's vision is to use sports to cultivate teamwork and confidence from a young age and to develop physical and emotional health. Sports for Good believes that girls participating in sports are a beacon towards a better future for women pursuing athletics and other life goals.

Josh Hardin, District Athletics Manager for Cincinnati Public Schools said, "In addition to our existing partnership with InfoTrust regarding our elementary volleyball program, we are extremely thankful and excited to partner with Aditi and her organization, Sports for Good. The support and donation that we will receive will go right to our elementary students as we look to expand sport opportunities for our young student-athletes in the district and build as many community partnerships as possible."